The recent increase in coronavirus cases continues to devastate India, affecting its health system. Countries worldwide have stepped up their support for the government to fight against the COVID pandemic. At least 40 countries. Including major powers such as the US, Russia and France, have pledged to provide India with necessary COVID aid in the coming weeks. The US has already started sending respirators and oxygen concentrators. Lifting a ban on exports of raw materials to help India produce more Covid vaccines.

Foreign countries and companies are ramping up the production and distribution of emergency COVID aid to India. Countries in the European region contribute to the global effort to send urgent. Life-saving assistance to India after Covid-19 rapidly resurfaced, placing an unprecedented strain on the health system. Foreign countries and companies are increasing their xvideos com production and aid to help India.

The priority is to close critical gaps in primary health care and hospital capacity. More than 40 countries, including major powers such as Russia, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Japan, and smaller countries such as Thailand and Taiwan, have pledged to send medical supplies to address shortages of critical oxygen and medicines of international relief efforts. In the past seven days, WHO Direct Relief has delivered 351 shipments of requested medical assistance.

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Europe comes together to help

The 300 tonnes of COVID-19 relief supplies include 5,500 oxygen concentrators. 3,200 oxygen tubes and 136,000 Remdesivir injections, a spokesman for Delhi International Airport Limited said. In addition, the Russian Federation flew oxygen concentrators, respirators and other medical supplies on a particular cargo flight. France brought 28 tons of medical equipment, while Germany, Ireland and the UK provided respirators. Italy sent an emergency medical team to an EMT oxygen production plant. To get oxygen cylinders from India, while Uzbekistan supplied 100 oxygen concentrators.

International efforts are underway to help India, suffering from a critical lack of oxygen amid a devastating rise in COVID-19 cases. In addition, to support these countries, a joint effort is underway by the European Union (EU) to send vital goods to India. Britain has started sending ventilators and oxygen concentrators, while EU members want to send oxygen and medicine.

On Sunday, Britain said it would send more than 600 medical equipment, including oxygen concentrators and ventilators, to India. The US said it would provide raw materials for vaccines that are under export controls. Rapid therapeutic and diagnostic tests for the ventilator will also be sent.

On Friday, the first shipment of emergency medical aid and relief supplies from the United States arrived in India. The country continues to grapple with an explosion in coronavirus cases that inflicts the health system to the breaking point. A US military transporter carrying more than 400 oxygen cylinders. A million rapid coronavirus tests and other supplies landed in New Delhi on Friday morning. More than 600 pieces of medical equipment, including oxygen concentrators and ventilators, come from Britain’s surplus stocks. With the first shipment due to arrive in New India on Tuesday, the British Foreign Office said.

US rushing assistance to India to combat Covid-19 surge: Joe Biden |  Business Standard News

Even America is helping too

India continues to be deluged by the COVID disaster. Aid is flooding in from all over the world from countries as diverse as Kazakhstan and Korea. Mass vaccination centres are closing and doses are being dumped in the arms of people who continue to die without oxygen in overcrowded hospitals. Aid is pouring in from the United States and other countries.

International efforts are underway to help India suffer from a critical oxygen deficiency amid a devastating increase in COVID cases. India is battling its worst health emergency since independence. Accepting aid after reversing a long-standing policy of rejecting foreign aid. USAID has provided $100 million to send oxygen cylinders, life-saving drugs, diagnostic kits and masks.

The US is lifting a ban on raw materials to enable India to produce more AstraZeneca vaccines. The White House said it would provide raw materials for vaccines to Indian vaccine makers. India has approved plans for more than 500 oxygen generating plants across the country to boost supply.

American retail giant Walmart announced that it would donate 20 oxygen plants and 20 cryogenic containers for storage and transporting life. Saving gas to India and $2 million to non-governmental organisations to help combat the devastating increase in coronavirus cases.

On Saturday, coronavirus cases in India reached a new high. With more than 4 million new infections in the last 24 hours. On April 29, the World Health Organization reported 1.84 million confirmed cases in the country. The United States has already provided $100 million in aid to help India fight the virus.

Funding for the vaccine

India’s hospitals are running out of beds and life-saving medical equipment. At the same time, the country relies on donations, gifts, and foreign aid to fight the crisis. India faces a massive COVID-19 crisis as the second wave of infections continues to claim lives. People struggle to get oxygen and hospital beds.

France will provide India with extensive medical assistance to help it cope. The enormous second wave of new Coronavirus infection flooding its hospitals is problematic, the Presidential Palace of the Elysees said on Monday. Starting next weekend, oxygen generators, respirators and freezers will be delivered to India. Crematoria are witnessing mass burials, and burial grounds are filling up to capacity. At a time like this, the international community must show solidarity with India and provide medical assistance in oxygen generators and ventilators in cryogenic containers.

Ursula von der Leyen said the XNXX WHO was pooling resources to respond to India’s request for help. Leading infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci said the possibility of sending excess vaccine doses to India was also being considered.

Providing funding to vaccine manufacturers in India to expand production is essential. Although foreign medical assistance is welcome in any country that sends it. Governments must be aware that it will not reach those who need it without transparency in distribution and will continue to die in the thousands every day.

This would create a win-win situation that would help end the rise in COVID in India and other developing countries. And allow vaccine manufacturers in India to sell at a profit.

Bringing relief

Medical staff and local officials report the same devastating bottlenecks that have plagued the health system for weeks, raising questions about where foreign donors aid is going. Military planes carrying aid from the US arrive in New Delhi, India. Covid relief supplies for Thailand and the United Arab Emirates arrived in New Delhi on April 29.

Shortly before midnight, a flight on a FedEx cargo plane wore thousands of oxygen masks.

The help comes after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government restrict international charities from making donations to local non-profits. Slit a reliable source of funding for tens of thousands of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) already thinned out by the pandemic. Modi’s government says the Ford Foundation violated India’s rules on foreign funding. Amnesty says the tightening is in retaliation for criticism of India’s human rights record.

Dr Navjot Dahiya, Vice-President of the Indian Medical Association, described Modi as a “super-propagandist”. Who holds political rallies and throws COVID-19 standards in the air to encourage millions of pilgrims to attend Kumbh Mela in Haridwar, Uttarakhand. Such possible explanations matter little; they want the government to quickly provide on-the-ground assistance to avert the thousands who die every day.

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